how many types of messages are their

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1. Windows messages: This includes primarily those messages
beginning with the WM_ prefix, except for WM_COMMAND.
Windows messages are handled by windows and views. These
messages often have parameters that are used in determining
how to handle the message.

2. Control notifications: This includes WM_COMMAND
notification messages from controls and other child windows
to their parent windows. For example, an edit control sends
its parent a WM_COMMAND message containing the EN_CHANGE
control-notification code when the user has taken an action
that may have altered text in the edit control. The
window's handler for the message responds to the
notification message in some appropriate way, such as
retrieving the text in the control.

3. Command messages: This includes WM_COMMAND notification
messages from user-interface objects: menus, toolbar
buttons, and accelerator keys. The framework processes
commands differently from other messages, and they can be
handled by more kinds of objects, as explained in Command

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