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What is Single Threaded Model in Servlets? Explain this
with an example?

Answer Posted / anjali nema

Typically, a servlet class is instantiated the first time
it is invoked. The same instance will be used over several
client requests, so all members that are declared in that
servlet are shared accross clients. That is what is meant
by multi threaded model, multiple clients that access the
same instance.

There are situations where you want to protect your servlet
member variables from being modified by different clients.
In this case, you can have your servlet implement the
marker interface SingleThreadModel. Every time a client
makes a request to a servlet that implements this
interface, the engine will create a new instance of the
servlet. For performance reasons, the engine can also
maintain a instance pool, handing out instances as they are
needed. Or it could also serialize client requests,
executing a single request.

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