Un-Answered Questions { C1D Visa }

whats your job on ship for ab?


after my interview at the U.S. Embassy i was told by the consulate i'm okay and i was approved. Where i can check my visa on net?. I want to know whether what visa they gave to me C1 or D, or Both C1/D. Thank you


how many times can we reappear for us visa will he be black listed


c1/d sea man us visa interview questens?


Am a Indian living in Honduras and holding a US B1B2 Visa. My wife and kid has US C1 Visa.We have planned for a vacation in USA. We will be boarding from Honduras to USA with a return ticket to Honduras 3 days from Boarding. Can my wife and kid travel to US for tourism with their C1 Visa and return back to Honduras ?


will i get a C1 D if i am unemployed? i have 1.5yrs of experiance, the cruise liner has given me a letter of employment as well, so would it be likely to get through?


Will i get the visa?, I travel to us back in 2007, with a tourist visa and stay to work, got married in 2008 with a citizen and got my green card, when i applied for a renewal i got an extension on my green card while proccesing but i got back to peru and my application was rejected while overseas on 2011, never got back to us since. Know i have an option to go work in a cruise line and need to apply for a c1d visa, i want to know if i have a chance to be approved or its just a waste of time for wath happend in the past. Thank you for any answer.


I have applied for 5 times B1/B2 visa & got rejected Now i have a job offer to work on cruise but counseller have rejected my C1D visa too .do i have any chance to get my C1D visa approved I want to work on cruise