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Differentiate between data base and data mart?


Is there any difference between the concepts of encoding,decoding and encryption and decryption?


an upper layer message is split into 10 frames each of which has an 80 percent chance of arriving undamaged.if no error control is done by the data link protocol,how many times must the message be sent on the average to get the entire thing through?


how strcpy usingrecursive function


what is the effect of low frequency(say 48Hz) on TUrbo- Generator set when running for a prolonged period?


What is the Boundary value analysis and Equlance class partition for select * from emp


what is the difference between oracle 8i vs 9i


How would Nvidia increase the core clock speed anymore?


How would Nvidia increase the core clock speed anymore?


how can one get scholership based on gre score ang how much scholarship one can get, plz suggest the way one can apply and get scholarship


what is the difference between embedded system and PLC. Whether the micro controller accept future expansion of program?


I think it is 65% in 10th, 12th n BE with a 5% relaxation in any one. For west bengal bord..what will be simple average for HS...is the additional marks would be adde with 100+200=1200.and the the average will be done. OR it will be treated 65% if somebody gets 650 in HS.? Please reply for this question......... And what is the marks criteria for infosys for experienced employee.


What is the difference between tcp/ip protocol and IP protocol?


give me some knowledge about automation on which asked on interview


requirement:To move display statements in a cobol program to a dataset.These display statements were not in main program but in calling program and we were not allowed to move these info via sysout dd dsn='dataset.name' . please let me know the ways this can be handled