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What are the mobile viruses?

What are the mobile viruses?..

Answer / maya1

A mobile virus is an electronic virus that targets mobile
phones or wireless-enabled PDAs

As wireless phone and PDA networks become more numerous and
more complex, it has become more difficult to secure them
against electronic attacks in the form of viruses or other
malicious software (also known as malware).

Common mobile viruses

Cabir: Infects mobile phones running on Symbian OS. When a
phone is infected, the message 'Caribe' is displayed on the
phone's display and is displayed every time the phone is
turned on. The worm then attempts to spread to other phones
in the area using wireless Bluetooth signals.

Duts: A parasitic file infector virus and is the first
known virus for the PocketPC platform. It attempts to
infect all EXE files in the current directory (infects
files that are bigger than 4096 bytes)

Skulls: A trojan horse piece of code. Once downloaded, the
virus, called Skulls, replaces all phone desktop icons with
images of a skull. It also will render all phone
applications, including SMSes and MMSes useless

Commwarrior: First worm to use MMS messages in order to
spread to other devices. Can spread through Bluetooth as
well. It infects devices running under OS Symbian Series
60. The executable worm file once launched hunts for
accessible Bluetooth devices and sends the infected files
under a random name to various devices

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