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recurring account in PayPal payment gateway?

recurring account in PayPal payment gateway?..

Answer / abhishek_anand_mca07

PayPal Recurring Payments allows you to bill a buyer for a
fixed amount of money on a fixed schedule. The buyer signs
up for recurring payments during checkout from your site.
Consider the following examples:

A buyer purchases a subscription to a magazine or
newsletter from your site and agrees to pay a monthly fee.
A buyer agrees to pay an Internet Service Provider a flat
fee on a semi-annual basis to host a website.
These examples represent payment transactions that reoccur
periodically and are for a fixed amount.
When you create recurring payments for a buyer, you create
a recurring payments profile. The profile contains
information about the recurring payments, including details
for an optional trial period and a regular payment period.
Each of these subscription periods contains information
about the payment frequency and payment amounts, including
shipping and tax, if applicable.

After a profile is created, PayPal automatically queues
payments based on the billing start date, billing
frequency, and billing amount, until the profile expires or
is canceled by the merchant. The buyer can also cancel the
recurring payment profile for profiles creating using
Express Checkout.

Note that for profiles created using Express Checkout, the
queued payments are funded using the normal funding source
hierarchy within the buyer's PayPal account.

After the recurring payments profile is created, you can
view recurring payments details or cancel the recurring
payments profile from your PayPal account.You can also
access recurring payments reports from the PayPal Business
Overview page.
More information about recurring payment is available at

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