what are the differents between 'action' and 'target' in
form tag?

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what are the differents between 'action' and 'target' in form tag?..

Answer / ram

Action attribute specifies where to send the form-data when
a form is submitted.
Syntax: <form action=”value”);
Example: <form name="email_check" method="post"
The target attribute specifies where to open the action URL.
Syntax: <form target="value">
_blank – open in new window
_self- Open in the same frame as it was clicked
_parent- Open in the parent frameset
_top- Open in the full body of the window
Framename- Open in a named frame

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what are the differents between 'action' and 'target' in form tag?..

Answer / sherin

action means the url to be executed when the form submits .
If the form is to be submited through iframe the target tag
specifies the name of the iframe .

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what are the differents between 'action' and 'target' in form tag?..

Answer / sujendra kumar

<form action="target"> ... </form>
ACTION attribute. This is a required attribute. This
attribute specifies where the data collected by the form is
to be sent. The destination could be an email address, e.g.,
action="mailto:BillG@lunix.net"; a URL, e.g.,
action="../index.htm"; a CGI script on your web server,
e.g., action="/cgi-sys/formmail.pl"; or an Active Server
page that will process the data, e.g.,
action="mysearch.asp", to name a few possibilities. This is
the one truly complicated issue concerning forms, and will
be addressed below in its own section.

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