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What php framework does wordpress use?

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Draw the architecture of Zend engine?

4 Answers  

what is variable scope, which variables are accessible from where and what are "undefined variable" errors?

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What are the functions used in php?

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What is the difference between urlencode and urldecode ?

3 Answers  

recurring account in PayPal payment gateway?

1 Answers   A1 Technology, HBL, HBL Power Systems, IBM,

Why php is sometimes called as embedded scripting language?

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What is the difference between PHP,ASP and JSP?

3 Answers   T3 Softwares,

What is default session time and path in PHP. How to change it?

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What is php programming used for?

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Can you specify the "new line" character in single-quoted strings?

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What's the best method for sanitizing user input with php?

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What are the difference between abstract class and interface in oops?

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