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How do you measure variables?

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Write a program to get lcm of two numbers using php?

0 Answers  

What is php form validation?

0 Answers  

Which is incorrect with respect to separating php code and html?

0 Answers  

when we use ob_start() function in php then the header() and session_start() does not gives the error like header already sent,please explain in brief

2 Answers  

What is html used for?

0 Answers  

List out different arguments in PHP header function?

4 Answers  

what is mean php ? is it designingtool or language? how ill create website using by php?

1 Answers  

Which database is best for php?

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What are the four scalar types of php?

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Who developed php?

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Explain whether it is possible to share a single instance of a memcache between multiple php projects?

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How will you create a bi-lingual site (multiple languages) ?

3 Answers