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What is the use of $_request variable?

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What is use of preg_replace in php?

0 Answers  

How we can convert dynamic url into static url? plz provide code.

2 Answers   Xento,

What is the difference between session_unregister() and session_unset()?

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How to send email using php script?

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What are the main error types in php and how do they differ?

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Name some of the functions in php.

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what is nl2br?

4 Answers  

What is varchar mysql?

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What is member function?

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what is the url rewriting?how to rewrite the url? give any example

1 Answers  

How to assigning a new character in a string?

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What’s the difference between sort(), assort() and ksort? Under what circumstances would you use each of these?

2 Answers