How many ways to include variables in double-quoted strings in php?

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What are the differences between PHP 3 and PHP 4 and PHP 5?

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What are different ways to redirect from on page to other?

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How do I add to the beginning of an array and find the number of elements in it?

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Tell me what is the use of isset() in php?

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How can we do user authentication without using session/cookies ? For ex:- From page1 accepts user name and password and need to check in all other pages whether the user has logged in or not

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Is age interval or ordinal data?

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Is php easier than node?

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What's the difference between __sleep and __wakeup?

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How does php server work?

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What is regex in html?

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which is the best institute for php training near delhi & NCR......& what is the fee for the same....

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=== represents what?

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