How to pass an argument to a function?

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How can we optimize or increase the speed of a mysql select query?

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how set session expire time in php?

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hello myself Atul saini completed mca in 2007 due to personal problem i cant do i really search 4 a job.i dont know where i go i think simple think is learn php anyone help me wat i can do for a job. thanks

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Is empty in excel?

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Can php run without apache?

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How to check if a string contains a character or word in php?

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What is php crud api?

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Which cryptographic extension provide generation and verification of digital signatures?

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What are the advantages of stored procedures?

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write a program to generate bill screen 1.1st page should get the number of products to be billed. 2.2nd page should display the number of rows according to the number of products given in the first page. 3.Each row should have a text box for a.product name b.quantity c.unit price d.item price = quantity x unit price This should be automatically calculated not to be entered by the user. 4.After entering the products calculate sales-tax for the total amount which 8.25%. 5.After entering these values you have to generate the bill in the next page with a unique number for the bill. can anyone solve this problem..i am in need to solve this problem..pls help me

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how to insert logout time when browser close

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I have written a source code in php but I do not know how to compile that and conduct it with a website please explain me the how to compile that ?

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