dear sir ,
i got 345 marks in ssc .. is it enough to get an interview
call?????????? i m in obc ......

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what is the exam pattern of rrb assistant loco pilot exam?

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Where can i get ebook Objective Mathematics by R.D. Sharma for MCA Entrance Exams?

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which of the following state of india largest producer of groundnut?

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which of the following river does not form delta?

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Name the scientist who proposed stelar theory in Pteridophytes.

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CCl4 is inert to water but BCl3 hydrolises in moist air.Why?

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can anybody please send me past question papers of reserve bank of india grade-b officer stage-1 exam.

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budgeting procedure

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Write a program that reads N phrases and determines if one phrase is a permutation of the other. For example: Phrase 1 is: “One World One Dream” Phrase 2 is: “World One One Dream”. Then the output should say that phrase 1 is permutation of phrase 2. Note that spaces/tabs are not counted as characters. Sample Input: 3 One World One Dream World One One Dream No World No Dream Sample Output: Phrase 1 is permutation of Phrase 2

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who is zonal manager of zone?

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choose the correct order of mitosis? a. G1-G2-S-M b.G1-S-G2-M c.M-G1-S-G2

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what would be the cut off for general candidate ,in the cabinet secretariat recruitment exam held on 16 th june,2013,tier 1. after how much time do they generally declare the tier 1 results

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