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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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why and when we use fibre optic ? how one can decide to use any type of cable specially fiber optic cable ?


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why we not connect the 12 V batteries in parallel to get the more backup supply ? how to calculate the input wattage and output wattage of an UPS ?

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hello! i am a new/fresh industrial electronics enginner ? I am going to have an interview on 10 May. What topics and questions should i study for the preparation of my interview and what will be the possible questions that one can ask from a fresh industrial electronics engineer ?


what is the difference betweeen FM and FSK modulation?


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hi my name is saikiran ,iam an betch in electronic and communication i got i-20 in npu and iam having 24 backogs gre 860 ielts 5.5,how i should define my seif so please give me appropriate answer i need some help


I have 3 phase 25kva transformer how can i connect this transformer to two phase line?

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hi ,iam saikiran my betch is 56% of 24 backlogs .gre 860,ielts 5.5 and i had booked my slot in june ,how i should prepare any suggestion



what is the features of GSM Technology and CDMA technology


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i need modal Q. paper of junior enjineer for 1/2009 rrb ajmer exam cat no. 11 jell electrical thenkyou



what is GPS & GPRS?What is diff. among them?

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why a transistor amplify?

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What is the function of BTS.

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What are the different types of Channels in GSM and their Function

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How we add site in the BSC.

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please send me earlier question papers of rrb je(signal)at my id


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Un-Answered Questions { Electronics Communications }

What are the uses of flip flop?


What are the advantages of current commuted chopper?


Indicate the various quantities that can be measured with a multimeter.


What is meant by optical space communication ?


Explain why hexadecimal code is widely used in digital systems?


Suppose you have been asked to design one electronic circuit then starting from basic what procedure do you follow?It should include all standard industrial measures. Please reply.Thanks.


Why is silicon preferred over germanium in the manufacture of semiconductor devices?


Following is an NSAP of IS-IS, which is legal NET (When area number is 1)? 1) 47.0001.1921.6800.3025.01 2) 0001.1921.6800.3025.00 3) 47.0001. 4) 0001.1921.6800.3025.01


I am completed BE electronics and communication engineer I have 4 years experience in mainteance dept .am applying for c license is possible...How 2 get c license


What are the applications of an inverter?


Define angle and amplitude modulation? What is noise in modulation?


What are the commonly used filters?


Convert 1024 (in decimal) to octa and hexadecimal form


Why iceo >> icbo?


is there any good institute in mumbai that provides good Automation courses ?