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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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The loss of precision in quantity is called A Down time B Delay C Unavoidable delay D None of these


Photolithography involves A Making photographic mask and photoetching B Only photoetching C Only masking D None of these

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The positive clipper can be easily converted into negative clipper by A Reversing diode and changing the polarity of reference voltage B Reversing diode only C Changing the polarity D None of these


....................... regulator operates the power transistors as high frequency on/off switch. A Series B Short C Switching D None of these


96 The high-frequency response in RC active filters using op-amp is due to A BW B Gain C Gain,BW product D High frequency

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By cascading LPF and HPF active filter, the resulting circuit is A BPF B Narrow BPF C Wide BPF D All of these

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The magnitude of the gain or integrator transfer function using op-amp is A WR1Cf B -1/WR1Cf C -WR1Cf D 1/WR1Cf


If R1=R2, then B=0.5, the total time T of square wave in astable multivibrator using op-amp is A T=RC B T=2 RC ln 3 C T=2 RC ln 2 D T=2RC ln (1+ 0.5)


A multiplexer, with 3-bei data select inputs, is a A 4:1 multiplexer B 8:1 multiplexer C 16:1 multiplexer D 32:1 multiplexer

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Minimisation of Boolean logical expressions helps to reduce A Space B Number of gates C Cost D Space,number of gates and cost

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In 7-segment display system, zero blanking is used to blank out A All the leading zeros B All the trailing zeros C The zero in the MSB(location) D a and b

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In binary to gray converter, …………… gate is used. A AND B OR C NAND D EX-OR


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why odd number of lines used for scanning


why we use clamping on transformer

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can any one say what are the non-scientific calculators?..i use casio ms350...wtr it is a scientific or non-scientific....


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Un-Answered Questions { Electronics Communications }

What are the pros of using plasma screens.


What are the different oscillators?


What is meant by phase controlled rectifier?


Why is silicon preferred to germanium in the manufacturing of semiconductor devices?


What is the minimum value of tv in msa to calculate r&r?


Explain how to program micro controller?


How to manufacture the cmos inverter?


Define what is a high-pass filter?


give some important questions in Airport Authority of india junior Engineer ATC exam?


explain the principle of operation of successive approximation adc.


My lcd monitor not showing boot screen[dos]. Whenever I start the pc it shows blank screen till the windows xp starts. will you help me to solve this ?


What is the correct way of weather proofing?


is below 2 ohms earth resistance is good for mobile tower


How is thermal management done in electronic circuitry?


Why an ordinary junction transistor is called bipolar?