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Electronics Communications Interview Questions
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why sometimes PF value have an negative sign?


Suppose you have been asked to design one electronic circuit then starting from basic what procedure do you follow?It should include all standard industrial measures. Please reply.Thanks.


significance of transistor number

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why we used -48 dc volt for telecom equipments ?

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which is preferred in ckts for x-or operation a) 1 x-or gate b) 4 nand gates

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especeted cutt off for bharat electronics limited exam both on 26june and 1 july


brown out function in micro controller?

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what is fili flop ?


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i want some more real applications of TDM?

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full from of GSM?

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what is the main function of transistor Basie?

Crompton Greaves,

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what is the specific application of PLC in communications, control systems and automation?

Idea, TCS,

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what is used in cd audio player to reproduce sound?

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Mention the operators that cannot be overloaded?

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Where to use friend function in binary operator overloading . How? explain with an example.


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Pls tell me when will coming ssc scientist assistant many marks for elgilibity.. Am a minority girl oc


Explain the differences between microprocessor and micro controller?


What is the difference between xdm 100, 300, 1000, 2000


What is the difference between power amplifier and voltage amplifier?


Explain the working of stepping motors.


hello sir, could u plz send me a sample placement paper for hpcl trainee engg exam..(electronics stream)...hoping to hear from u at the earliest. Thanking you.


What is pulse width modulation?


last Airforce test paper


Why are using 4ma to 20ma for signal transfer. Why not 0 to 20ma?


what are the various modes of data transfer in 8085?


The electric field in the space charge region decreases with forward bias and increases with reverse bias. Why?


Sir, Plz send the last 5 yrs ques papers for Railway board's section engineer post. Thanks,


Is it possible to isolate a drive by installing a offline ups and also drive should be protected during normal power supply availability and is the use of isolation transformer necessary.


The output of a 60hz full-wave bridge rectifier has a 60 hz ripple. It this circuit working properly?


What is single input output interface? How it is different from single ended interface?