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Android OS Interview Questions
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How do I remove sections from my favourites?

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What is Mono for Android?

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What is included in Mono for Android?

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What do I need to develop Mono for Android applications?

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Will my users need to install Mono?

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Where is the UI Designer?

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 How is Mono for Android licensed?

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What is the API profile exposed by Mono for Android?

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Are the Android releases available in a ROM?

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When will it be available in a ROM?

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How do I turn off, or reboot Android?

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Should we jump in to Android? What’s the guarantee that’s what I will see on a phone? Will service providers turn off things?

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What if my app uses location API, and service provider shuts that off, can they?

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If I’m a game developer and I’m building piece of content and I want to sell it, how do I do that and realize revenue?

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We use SMS interception for system signalling. Is there a mechanism for an app to respond and stop the signaling chain? Is there security around that so that one vendor can’t hijack a message and respond to it?

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Un-Answered Questions { Android OS }

What main/gen/ directory contains?


What’s volley and what’s positive and negative with it?


Which method is implemented by all subclasses of an activity?


What is continuous?


What is a toast notification?


How can I make my android update faster?


What is the importance of setting permissions in application development in Android programming?


What are the measures to avoid application anr?


What are the primary components used in android architecture?


What are the other notifications?


What is a change gravity?


What is the procedure to check status of an activity in android?


What do you understand by anr dialogue box?


Describe the capabilities of ddms?


how do you declare 4 components of android in mainfestfile?