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Oracle Errors Interview Questions
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ORA-24410: scrollable cursor max size exceeded

1 1972

ORA-24411: Session pool already exists.

1 1847

ORA-24412: Cannot reinitialize non-existent pool

1 1553

ORA-24413: Invalid number of sessions specified

1 3350

ORA-24414: Only number sessions could be started.

1 1700

ORA-24415: Missing or null username.

1 5424

ORA-24416: Invalid session Poolname was specified.

1 5106

ORA-24417: Session pool size has exceeded the maximum limit

1 2345

ORA-24418: Cannot open further sessions.

1 3292

ORA-24419: Proxy sessions are not supported in this mode.

1 1916

ORA-24420: OCISessionRelease must be used to release this session.

1 1799

ORA-24421: OCISessionRelease cannot be used to release this session.

1 2095

ORA-24422: error occurred while trying to destroy the Session Pool

1 3072

ORA-24430: Null values for sqltext and key were specified.

1 2056

ORA-24431: Statement does not exist in the cache

1 2432

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Errors }

In my project I am using star schema and only diimension tables are loaded and not fact tables any one can help me why it is happening? Plase guide me.


ORA-16626: failed to enable specified object


ORA-26029: index string.string partition string initially in unusable state


if the lengths of two wires are same and the area of cross sections is 4:7 then what will be the ratio of current passing through these wires


IMP-00063: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" cannot be created or has different identifier


ORA-26032: index string.string loading aborted after string keys


invalid quantity specification negative quantity are not allowed for this item please check this item definition quantity


IMP-00060: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" does not exist or has different identifier


NZE-28890: Entrust Login Failed


ORA-16627: No standby databases support the overall protection mode.


ORA-26027: unique index string.string partition string initially in unusable state


When i am connect database through toad,one error occured. ORA-12514: TNS:listener does not currently know of service requested in connect descriptor. plz help me thanks advance.............


IMP-00096: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because type synonym "string"."string" cannot be created


Hi guys, I have four tables those are emp,dept,eliminate and uneliminate. i wrote small cursor..when i run, it display one error (ORA-01403 nodata found)... The query is: Declare cursor c1 is select e.ename emp_name from emp e,dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno group by deptno; r1 c1%rowtype; test_emp varchar2(200); begin for r1 in c1 loop begin select eliminate_emp into test_emp from eliminate t,uneliminate ut where t.number=ut.number and t.deptno=e.deptno and rownum<1; end; dbms_output.put_line(r1.emp_name); end loop; end; Thanks...


ORA-26076: cannot set or reset value after direct path structure is allocated