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Oracle Errors Interview Questions
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ORA-13640: The current operation was cancelled because it timed out, and was not in interruptible mode.

1 1517

ORA-13641: Task cannot be interrupted yet. You may cancel it instead.

1 1590

ORA-13642: The specified string string provided for string cannot be converted to a date. The acceptable date format is string.

1 1633

ORA-13643: The task can not be interrupted or cancelled.

1 2310

ORA-13699: Advisor feature is not currently implemented.

1 3398

ORA-13701: Snapshot pair [string, string] seems to be specified in reverse order.

1 1580

ORA-13702: Snapshot IDs specified by the range [string, string] are equal.

1 1645

ORA-13703: The snapshot pair [string, string] for database_id string and instance_id string are not found in the current repository.

1 3274

ORA-13704: Invalid value "string" specified for parameter "string".

1 1548

ORA-13705: There was a instance shutdown/startup between the snapshots in the range [string, string].

1 2676

ORA-13706: Invalid value "string" specified for parameter "string" in "string" analysis mode.

1 1645

ORA-13707: Either the start snapshot string or the end snapshot string is incomplete or missing key statistics.

1 2546

ORA-13708: Some snapshots in the range [string, string] were purged before the analysis was complete.

1 1779

ORA-13709: Required parameter "string" must be set before execution.

1 1806

ORA-13710: Parameter "string" must have a higher value than parameter "string". The values supplied were "string" and "string" respectively.

1 2026

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ORA-26079: file "string" is not part of table string.string


IMP-00064: Definition of LOB was truncated by export


ORA-26095: unprocessed stream data exists


IMP-00096: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because type synonym "string"."string" cannot be created


IMG-02003: 2FF03 - incorrect color histogram feature specification


How to resolve QSM-01108 error. I have no OR conditions in my query, but do have 9 IN conditions. The error says the max limit is 2 while I have 257 number of disjuncts. However, if I remove even a single IN condition, the query is rewritten. I cannot change my query. How can I resolve this issue?


ORA-26028: index string.string initially in unusable state


ORA-26084: direct path context already finished


Hi guys, I have four tables those are emp,dept,eliminate and uneliminate. i wrote small cursor..when i run, it display one error (ORA-01403 nodata found)... The query is: Declare cursor c1 is select e.ename emp_name from emp e,dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno group by deptno; r1 c1%rowtype; test_emp varchar2(200); begin for r1 in c1 loop begin select eliminate_emp into test_emp from eliminate t,uneliminate ut where t.number=ut.number and t.deptno=e.deptno and rownum<1; end; dbms_output.put_line(r1.emp_name); end loop; end; Thanks...


ORA-26076: cannot set or reset value after direct path structure is allocated


NZE-28868: Peer certificate chain check failed.


IMP-00063: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because object type "string"."string" cannot be created or has different identifier


ORA-26032: index string.string loading aborted after string keys


ORA-07497: sdpri: cannot create trace file 'string'; errno = string.


[ERROR] [main 11:01:20] ( Unsuccessful: alter table user.CEN_USER_MASTER add constraint FKF4EDEDC3D0BAAE75 foreign key (ROLE_ID) references user.CEN_ROLE_MASTER [ERROR] [main 11:01:20] ( ORA-02275: such a referential constraint already exists in the table