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Oracle Errors Interview Questions
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SQL-02102: Inconsistent cursor cache. No global cursor entry.

1 1755

SQL-02103: Inconsistent cursor cache. Out of range cursor cache reference

1 3918

SQL-02104: Inconsistent host cache. No cursor cache available

1 1297

SQL-02105: Inconsistent cursor cache. Global cursor not found

1 1442

SQL-02106: Inconsistent cursor cache. Invalid Oracle cursor number

1 2615

SQL-02107: Program too old for runtime library; please re-precompile it

1 1707

SQL-02108: Invalid descriptor passed to run-time library

1 1766

SQL-02109: Inconsistent host cache. Host reference is out of range

1 2911

SQL-02110: Inconsistent host cache. Invalid host cache entry type

1 3132

SQL-02111: Heap consistency error

1 5711

SQL-02112: SELECT..INTO returns too many rows

1 13398

SQL-02113: Unable to open message file

1 2954

SQL-02114: Invalid SQL Cursor usage: trying to CLOSE a CLOSEd cursor

1 6309

SQL-02115: Code interpretation problem -- check COMMON_NAME usage

1 2472

SQL-02116: FATAL ERROR: Reentrant code generator gave invalid context

1 1462

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Un-Answered Questions { Oracle Errors }

if the lengths of two wires are same and the area of cross sections is 4:7 then what will be the ratio of current passing through these wires


RMAN-05017: no copy of datafile number found to recover


NZE-28868: Peer certificate chain check failed.


ORA-26028: index string.string initially in unusable state


IMG-02003: 2FF03 - incorrect color histogram feature specification


IMP-00096: Warning: Skipping table "string"."string" because type synonym "string"."string" cannot be created


Hi guys, I have four tables those are emp,dept,eliminate and uneliminate. i wrote small cursor..when i run, it display one error (ORA-01403 nodata found)... The query is: Declare cursor c1 is select e.ename emp_name from emp e,dept d where e.deptno=d.deptno group by deptno; r1 c1%rowtype; test_emp varchar2(200); begin for r1 in c1 loop begin select eliminate_emp into test_emp from eliminate t,uneliminate ut where t.number=ut.number and t.deptno=e.deptno and rownum<1; end; dbms_output.put_line(r1.emp_name); end loop; end; Thanks...


ORA-26027: unique index string.string partition string initially in unusable state


ORA-16626: failed to enable specified object


ORA-07497: sdpri: cannot create trace file 'string'; errno = string.


ORA-26032: index string.string loading aborted after string keys


How to resolve QSM-01108 error. I have no OR conditions in my query, but do have 9 IN conditions. The error says the max limit is 2 while I have 257 number of disjuncts. However, if I remove even a single IN condition, the query is rewritten. I cannot change my query. How can I resolve this issue?


ORA-16627: No standby databases support the overall protection mode.


ORA-26094: stream format error: input column overflow


invalid quantity specification negative quantity are not allowed for this item please check this item definition quantity