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What are three test cases you should go through in unit testing?


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Can you change the value of a variable while debugging a C# application?

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Explain ACID rule of thumb for transactions.

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What connections does Microsoft SQL Server support?

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What does Dispose method do with the connection object?

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What is a pre-requisite for connection pooling?

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what's the Difference between DataView and DataTable?

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What?s the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class? set method?

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How do you inherit from a class in C#?

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Does C# support multiple inheritance?

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When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to?

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Are private class-level variables inherited?

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What?s the top .NET class that everything is derived from?

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How?s method overriding different from overloading?

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What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition?

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what is generics? can u explain 5 to 6 examples on generics that covers class,method,structure,list,delegates?


how to compare numbers and dispaly the largest ? *first thing I wanted to do is to input how many numbers to be compared *and then analyzed the largest then display it.


code for arranging given number in possible permutation ways ex:123,321,312,132,231,213.


In gridview in editmode if we want to display information in one combobox based on


i want the csharp questions&answeres


There were a lot of questions asked, so I will list the topic (and add a what is "topic" and know pros/cons). Extreme programming, what is a transaction, various SDLC design approaches, what is a namespace, define a good test case, what is a stored proc, webservice? design patterns? linker? compiler? access modifiers? stack vs. queue? arrays vs. linked lists? sorting algorithms? recursion? OOP principles?


what is .NET framework architecture ??


Where test director stores its data ? Database ,Local file etc...? I need to read this data from Visual Studio 2005 c# client. Regards


what is main function of alternate teamplate of datalist?


2. What happened when BO object has been called?


I need code to connect ohter systems in the LAN and i want to display my website image over there and i want explain as a admin through phone. So i need code to access other system using C-Sharp. Any one please help me.Please give me the code. Advace thanks.


What exactly happens when we debug and build the program?


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what is generics? can u explain 5 to 6 examples on generics that covers class,method,structure,list,delegates?


windows c# using datagridview in edit form sql server