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Explain about Protected and protected internal, ?internal? access-specifier?

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Is goto statement supported in C#? How about Java?

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What?s different about switch statements in C#?

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How does a function pointer returns a function pointer?


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What?s the implicit name of the parameter that gets passed into the class? set method?

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How do you inherit from a class in C#?

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Does C# support multiple inheritance?

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When you inherit a protected class-level variable, who is it available to?


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Are private class-level variables inherited?

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7. C# provides a default constructor for me. I write a constructor that takes a string as a parameter, but want to keep the no parameter one. How many constructors should I write?

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What?s the top .NET class that everything is derived from?

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How?s method overriding different from overloading?

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What does the keyword virtual mean in the method definition?

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Can you declare the override method static while the original method is non-static?

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Can you override private virtual methods?

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what is .NET framework architecture ??


what is collections in .net? why we use?


i want the csharp questions&answeres


Assembly Code. in Rejester AL. How do Contast Replece( or Change): Bit D3 With Bit D4 and Bit D2 With Bit D5 and Bit D1 With Bit D6 and Bit D0 With Bit D7 I am Not Know Very Well Write English.


2. What happened when BO object has been called?


Where test director stores its data ? Database ,Local file etc...? I need to read this data from Visual Studio 2005 c# client. Regards


3. Use layered architecture for coding. s.no name description 1 abc xxxxxxxxx 2 abc xxxxxxxxx 3 4 5 6 7 8 Select all Clear all Add Delete Name Description Save close


hi, is compulsory .net knowledge need for biztalk server training. if need, how far?.tell me some info abt real time instructors in hyd or other?


explain the nature of the assembly work?


windows c# using datagridview in edit form sql server


What issues can be faced while delivering code?


Helo , Help Me , Help Me About : C# Windows Application - Network How To Manage IP Client's Accessiblity To The Internet Share concise Substitute , Minor ISA Server


Hi Friends, I am going through Siemens Interview Procedure from last 1+1/2 months. I went through 1 written + 2 Technical + 1 Managerial Round process after which I got call from HR informing that "you are selected and we would like to meet you for HR round". HR round was very nominal compared to MR. HR Round last for hardly 5 mins. They told me that you will get the final result on Friday. Still I have not received any feedback from them. Please help!!!


what is be the overhead, if i use binary transmission. and will it be sent using xml text or how ?


what is generics? can u explain 5 to 6 examples on generics that covers class,method,structure,list,delegates?