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C Sharp Interview Questions
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How can you sort the elements of the array in descending order?

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What?s the .NET datatype that allows the retrieval of data by a unique key?

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What?s class SortedList underneath?

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Will finally block get executed if the exception had not occurred?

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What?s the C# equivalent of C++ catch (?), which was a catch-all statement for any possible exception?

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Can multiple catch blocks be executed?

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Why is it a bad idea to throw your own exceptions?

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What?s a delegate?

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How?s the DLL Hell problem solved in .NET?

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What are the ways to deploy an assembly?

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What?s a satellite assembly?

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What namespaces are necessary to create a localized application?

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How do you generate documentation from the C# file commented properly with a command-line compiler?

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What debugging tools come with the .NET SDK? CorDBG

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What does assert() do?

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What is parameterized constructor?


Overloaded constructor will call default constructor internally?


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What is private static in c#?


What does namespace mean?