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MySQL Interview Questions
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what if you really want to store the timestamp data, such as the publication date of the article?

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What happens if a table has one column defined as TIMESTAMP?

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If you specify the data type as DECIMAL (5,2), what?s the range of values that can go in this table?

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Explain the difference between FLOAT, DOUBLE and REAL.


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Explain the difference between BOOL, TINYINT and BIT?

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How to enable or disable a row of a table using MySQL in struts?


Explain MySQL architecture?

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Explain MySQL locks?

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Explain multi-version concurrency control in MySQL?

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What are MySQL transactions?

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What is ACID?

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Which storage engines support transactions in MySQL?

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How do you convert to a different table type?

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How do you index just the first four bytes of the column?

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What?s the difference between PRIMARY KEY and UNIQUE in MyISAM?

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What are the different data types in mysql?


Does mysql use tcp or udp?


write a command to view the content of the table


What is a left join mysql?


In a property booking section want a query to check that property is booked from StartDate to EndDate.Booking Table field are given id proerty_id start_date checkout_date no_of_visitor booking date status Waiting yours answer.. Thanks In Advance...


What are the different tables present in MySQL?


what is constraints?


What is 1nf 2nf 3nf?


Is mysql same as mariadb?


Why are function needed?


How To see all the tables from a database of mysql server.


How to Creating a new user. Login as root. Switch to the MySQL db. Make the user. Update privs.


What is table level locking in mysql?


How do I start mysql in mysql workbench?


How is myisam table stored?