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I got placed in a company called Achir Communications located in Bangalore, for the past 4 months company website is not funtioning and even i cant contact them over phone.can any one knews any detail about that company? please help........

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What is Debugging with Purify?

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How to obtain a memory dump from an application that crashes?

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How do I run Purify?

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The assignment says I have to turn in a purify.output file, but the output goes to a window so I can't redirect it. How to I get the output to go to a file?

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I can't run Purify. Either when I compile or when I run my program, I get all sorts of unfriendly messages about not being able to write into a read-only file system. What's the problem?

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I'm getting a lot of UMR errors that I don't think my program is causing. We have to turn in a program that doesn't have any Purify errors. How do I get around these?

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I get a file descriptor in use error that comes from the socket libraries (/etc/.name_service_door). How do I supress it?

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When I issue "make all.purify" for the echodemo example, I see a message that says "In order for Rational PurifyPlus to work properly, you must source the appropriate shell resource file in /usr/pubsw/etc/rational..." How do I fix this?

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When I run 'purify', I get a warning message saying "Could not locate gcc demangler 'c++filt'..." I also get warnings saying "Unhandled reloc type R_SPARC_DISP32..." Is this expected?

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When I run my purify'ed executable, I get a cryptic message like "ld.so.1: ./server.purify: fatal: libsocket.so.1_pure_p3_c0_105022037_58_32_2171404S: open failed: No such file or directory." What's going on?

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DEVOPS comes under which categories?


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DEVOPS comes under which categories?