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Python Interview Questions
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Describe how exceptions are handled in python.

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What is used to create Unicode string in Python?

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When to use list vs. tuple vs. dictionary vs. set?

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Explain the disadvantages of python

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What are Python decorators?

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What are the ways to write a function using call by reference?

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What are the commands that are used to copy an object in Python?

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What is the difference between deep and shallow copy?

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Write a program to find out the name of an object in python.

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How can the ternary operators be used in python?

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How the string does get converted to a number?

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What is the function of negative index?

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Write a program to check whether the object is of a class or its subclass.

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Why does delegation performed in Python?

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What is the function of “self”?


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Give an example of a shuffle() method?


Is it easier than Django bottle?


What is sys stdout flush ()?


How will you share global variables across modules?


In oops what is a diamond problem in inheritance?


Do we need to call the explicit methods to destroy the memory allocated in python?


Which data type you prefer to implement when deal with seuential data?


What are the use of sets in python?


Is python duck typed?


What is docstring in Python?


What are differences between list and dictionary in python?


What mode is used for both writing and reading in binary format in file.?


What are some python projects for beginners?


Why do arrays have a 0 in it?


What is the difference between numpy and scipy?