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QA Concepts Interview Questions
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What is the exact different between QA and QC?

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Q. How do you select product components for validation?What are the contents of QMS?


Q. How do you establish the testing environment?

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where can i find latest software quality interviews questions

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I’m looking for test management software with collaboration capabilities but at an affordable rate.

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What is Project Planning? how we can do the same? Is there any tool we can use for the same?

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How to test Volume in Music System?

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1) What r the properties, Advantages & Disadvantages of each types of action? 2)When I can use this?


While doing desktop review of any document, how to judge that this comment is 1.Information 2.Trivial 3.Minor 4.Major 5.Critical 6.Blocker

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anyone can explain about SDLC models??

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Please suggest a Automation Tool that helps in collaborating with teams located in various geographic locations


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Any Automation tool in the market to help quality test team members communicate with each other? While server startup or restart Which Will inform each member .


Is there Any Automation tool Which supports IE6,IE7,IE8 and Mozilla and OPera

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what are the steps of software QC?

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What are various ways of calculating defect density? What is recommended for .Net based development projects?

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how cani do requirement testing using some testcase


How do you decide you have tested enough?


Automation testing regarding with qtp, explain the process of testiing the application with qtp????


What is the quality audit?


List out the software quality practices through the software development cycle?


What actually a SQA Tester do in His/ Her first (entry level) Job?


Plz post any critical bugs found while testing desktop application.


What if the project is not big enough to justify extensive testing?


What should QA require of Development?


How do you deal with environments that are hostile to quality change efforts?


What is code inspection?


How do you audit configuration management


Why we do load and performance testing?


Dear all I need an advice about sqa field last year i have completed my graduation in computer engineering and i have just started my career as Software engineer in QA field and working in a software company. The problem is that I am very confused about my career in this field because I want to know that how much it's necessary that the programming concepts and the programming should be strong if the person is working as a sqa engineer if i talk about myself i can create logic with respect to programming but for me it's very difficult to implement my logic in form of code and is programming field has strong scope over sqa field and as a sqa engineer what will be my prestige in front of programmers. I want to know what appourtinutes i will get in this field after some period of time and what will be the next step(desigination)in that field.Kindly reply Regards


We have a directory structure /usr/local/jboss/server/{$app_name}/log/*.log which contains 1000 log files. A web application has been logging to the cloud.log file, the attempts of a user called test. The code logs the following way: log.debug(username); where the username equals “test”. What command line application and or combinations of applications will you call in order to create a file named user_log.csv that contains the following lines, where the timestamp is sorted: timestamp,username