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PHP Interview Questions
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How many ways you can delete a session variable ?

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How will you create a bi-lingual site (multiple languages) ?

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Specify array sort functions available in php ?

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A company named Pensar Technologies in chennai has offered me a job as Software Trainee in chennai.But they are asking to pay demand draft of Rs.75000/- in the name of the company.They are saying the gross renumeration will pay Rs.90000/- annually.I want to know whether this is good or bad company?Help me out in this.

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Sir, I want sbi clearical post model question paper please sent my mail id

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Hello I m 1.5 exp, i want code : ms word to Html in php,retrieve the words in ms word in to dispaly browser in (same format,alignment). pls help me everybody Regards selva


can anyone explain about stored procedure,Triggers and transaction in php?

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can anyone explain oops concept in php or give website to learn this concept clearly?

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How many bootable file in O/S - XP,2000, and 98. which are the files.


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How does integrate SSL certificate in websites and also how to generate CSR in Local machines? plese give some ideas ASAP.....


what is the maximum size of databasi in mysql?

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What is difference between $x and $$x

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What is .htaccessfile and use of this file

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If anybody integrate "First Data Global Payment Gateway" in your site?

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I went to an php interview yesterday.I got selected there.But,They asked me to sign bond by submitting my certificates for 2 years.Is it good or bad

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explain php variable length argument function.


What is apache and php?


Where do I run php code?


Write a php script to get the largest key in an array?


How to remove duplicate values from php array?


How to check an element is exists in array or not in php?


What is api example?


How error handling is being handled by php?


What is the difference between print() and echo() in PHP?


Is php faster than nodejs?


Do you know what is use of count() function in php?


Why do we show php code in browser?


Why use static methods php?


Which escape sequences can be used in single quoted strings in php?


Xplain is it possible to use com component in php?