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JDBC Interview Questions
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What is Type-2 Driver and when this driver is used?

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What is Type-4 Driver and when this driver is used?

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What are stored procedures? How to call them?

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What are the sailent features of JDBC 2.0?

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What is static Synchronized method in JDBC API? Give an example?

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How MS-Access DB can be accessed over a network, using JDBC API?


What are JDBC statements?

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How to find that, a row is updated or not?

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How to get the data from a table into a buffer?

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How data can be inserted into long row column of database?


How a driver can be loaded?

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How warnings are retrieved in JDBC?

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How can you sort dates?

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How to get a whole row of data at once?

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How do find debugging problems related to JDBC API?

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Un-Answered Questions { JDBC }

Write an sql to find all records having all upper case alphanumeric characters in a field ?


Explain the steps in writing a java program using jdbc?


How do I write Greek ( or other non-ASCII/8859-1 ) characters to a database?


What is JDBC PreparedStatement?


Give an example for execution of sql statement.


Discuss the procedure of retrieving warnings?


What are 4 drivers available in JDBC? At what situation are four of the drivers used?


Can I set up a connection pool with multiple user IDs? The single ID we are forced to use causes problems when debugging the DBMS.


How can I determine the isolation levels supported by my DBMS?


What is the use of jdbc api?


What is in term of jdbc a datasource?


Explain Basic Steps in Writing a Java Program Using Jdbc?


What is while rs next ())?


What are the considerations for deciding on transaction boundaries?


What is difference between jdbc and odbc?