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Dhar Associates Interview Questions
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cement consumption per square feet in multi storeyed building

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What is SDLC and STLC? In analysis phase of SDLC, what exactly the testers will do?


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test measurment techniques


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Contact a small, medium, and a large contract program within your organization. Interview the Technical Director or Project Engineer to identify the following information: a. Request the individual to graphically depict their development strategy? b. What factors drove them to choose the implementation strategy? c. What were some of the lessons learned from developing and implementing the strategy that would influence their approach next time? d. How was the V & V strategy implemented?


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"A" has two divisions of "B" and "c".In our system we have two vendor accounts of B&C.We have received one Non PO invoice of B and posted wrongly in C and its got paid.While reconciling the account we got this error is happend.We contacted the C and asked for refund.But C said,he transfer internally the amount directly to B and he will not refund the amount.How we will settle this entry in our books. If we reverse the entry...there is one invoice needs to be reverse and payment doc needs to be we can settle this in our books...


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i am going to give interview for the post of ibps there is a question in my mind which is "Being an electonics and communication engineer how can you help in banks, I mean whats the application of your education in banking."


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Dhar Associates Interview Questions
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