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Hinduja Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions
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What do you mean by quality analyst in call centres ?

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Role of quality analyst in bpo

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what are differences between quality analayst and team leader

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what is a bpo?

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Hi, I'm from IT Sector, I was working as an Oracle Data Entry, but right now I want to shift my career from IT to BPO Sector. In Interview if the HR asked the reasons for the change from the IT to Bpo Sector, what would be the appropriate answers for this question. Can any one help me out to sort out this solution. Before that , I want to mention that I want to change the sector because i found much facilities i can enjoy if i join BPO sector what i'm not getting at all in IT. So, how should I present myself infront of a HR, pls. help me out, as i have no prior exp. in facing interview in BPO Industries. Thanks in advance.

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why have you chosen this company?

6 9721

Why do you join to BPO?

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Hinduja Call Centre AllOther Interview Questions

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