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Hewitt Programming Languages AllOther Interview Questions
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Hi friends :) This Company Aptitude Questions were much easy. i have attended the interview but was not selected in the HR round. they used to ask questions like puzzles, English, fill up the sentence. for example : they asked one question like suraj, kumar, santhosh, ranga and ashwin are professionals in different fields. suraj is a doctor. kumar is not a musician.ranga is working as engineer. ashwin is from goa. santhosh is from chennai. suraj and ranga are not from delhi. find out who is working in which field and where are they from? it was not the exact question. i answered that question with correct answer. just thorough with SQL queries. they are much interested in that. i cleared Technical round where they asked me to write a C code for checking, if the given word is palindrome or not. also they asked 2 puzzle question to solve in front of them. then the asked SQL query for referring two tables. then, they sent me for HR round. i got little nervous in that round. so, could not answer them properly. In Hr round, they may ask Technical Questions. i was asked only Technical Questions in HR round. they asked questions from SQL queries and my project. i could not answer for the questions perfectly. so, i was not selected. anyway, try to be thorough with these info and rock in your interview. Thanks :)


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