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Twitter Interview Questions
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what is the abrivation of GE- 9FA and 9E gas turbines

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Give a large dataset, find the median.


What is the good measure of influence of a Twitter user?


How can you measure engagement with given Twitter data?


What features would you use to build a recommendation algorithm for users?


Data Engineer Given a list of followers in the format:123, 345234, 678345, 123…Where column one is the ID of the follower and column two is the ID of the followee. Find all mutual following pairs (the pair 123, 345 in the example above). How would you use Map/Reduce to solve the problem when the list does not fit in memory?


How would you use Map/Reduce to split a very large graph into smaller pieces and parallelize the computation of edges according to the fast/dynamic change of data?


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how to calculet the resolution of 4 to 20 mA current signal


what is Bank Stock Statement and which companies required bank stock statement, how can we make the bank stock statement


I have an interview with Qatar Petroleum and I need to know what kind of questions will be asked


What are the settings that you use to configure the joiner transformation?


What should I do after completion in mechatronics graduation


What are the Uses of CLR


How can claculate to attain the desired PF in the line ( HOW Much KVAR is required ) Pls Give the formula? Equate Petrochemical 0 1 how to calculate sizing of NGTR (Transformer rating,Loading resistor value and Current rating of resistor) and what is the X/R ratio. Details : 11kV,Capacitance 1.73532 micro farads,40kA for 1sec. 0 1 What will happened. if we feed 3phase supplay to the stater with out insert the rotor. How much current will flow through the stater winnding? Equate Petrochemical 0 1 What is required of exietation to the alternater. 0 1 why star point of HT motor not earthed? Equate Petrochemical 0 1 Why we are getting low voltage in star connection? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 What's ND relay & it's functions? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 How instantanious short circuit current is calculated? its formula? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 What is servo Motor? What's the advantages of this motor over Induction motor? Equate Petrochemical 0 2 What is core CT & it's function? Equate Petrochemical 0 3 what is meant by star/delta voltages as 440/220 in a 3 phase induction motor, and why it should be connected on STAR IN 3 PHASE SUPPLY L & T 0 4 What is required of exietation to the alternater. KNB 1 23 what is the design voltage for 6.6KV 2000 KVAR HT capacitor? Consultancy 0 3 Pls explain about vfd control?Where it is used, Give some example? siemens 1 22 Please explain me abt PQ diagaram in the power sector. 0 9


What should be the aim of successful marketing?


Tell me about the history of Black Rock.


Which are the two types of 'writes' in HDFS?


Are LIC policies used by people to save tax?


hi every one can you send me ISTQB Course material on my Email id


What is Inventory Control?


When you look at a Cisco switch like Cisco 2950, why are the ports labeled with an 'X' behind the number? Like 1x, 2x.....23x, 24x, and what does it mean when there is no 'X'?


How To Lock A User's Account?


Twitter Interview Questions
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