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GHK Interview Questions
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Tell me about the subcontracting cycle.

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11. EOQ is the order quantity that========== over our planning horizon a) Minimizes total ordering costs b) Minimizes total carrying costs c) Minimizes total inventory costs d) The required safety stock

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What is difference between a panel and GroupBox ?

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Greetings This question is about hydraulics and I request an expert to answer it. A simple hydraulic machine is made up of two heads, a larger one with a larger force inside a wider pipe and a smaller one with a smaller force inside a smaller pipe in width as in the second picture on this link: The question is this: what happens if the smaller head and the smaller force doesn’t exist but the smaller pipe is high enough to take all the liquid? For example the larger head is 1.00 sqr metre and can go down 1.00m under a weight of 100.00kg. The cross sectional area of the smaller pipe is 0.001 sqr metre. Now when the larger head goes down 1.00m, how high the liquid from the wider pipe can go into the smaller pipe of the cross sectional area of 0.001 sqr metre? Regards


Explain Energy and Power signals?


How to calculate quantity of plum masonry in 1:3:7


What is payroll area


can we synchronize star system generators with delta system generators?


Set up procedure for generating a wire-frame display of a polyhedron with the hidden edges of the object drawn with dashed lines.


What should be the level/ Percentage of Arsenic in Arsenic free zinc.


describe the Tranformer testing procedure


In a voltage-controlled current source A A current booster is never used B The load is always floated C A stiff current source drives the load D The load current equals Isc


How to Stop TScrollbar button from blinking ?


How to make privision in SAP. (Please revert on the possibility of making this happen at PO Stage)


how to avoid electrical shock how capacitor store charges wat are the speed control of induction motors state faradays law flemings left hand rule what is rotary converter wat is transmission and distribution what are the sources of energy abrevation of acb,vcb,sf6,igbt what is output equation of transformer which test copper iron and iron loss are calculated what is eddy current draw a single line diagram (10 marks) draw direct online starter(10 marks)


What are the typical indicator diagrams?


types and working of compressor


what is fbt@ ,sd @


GHK Interview Questions
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