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Ford Chemical Engineering Interview Questions
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X is a solid having a white colour at room temperature. It has a density about 2g/cc. Although it has melting point near 325 degree Celsius, its properties start degrading above 260 degree Celsius. The coefficient of friction is very low about 0.1. It has very good dielectric properties especially at higher radio frequencies. It has a very high bulk resistivity. It is chemically inert. It is also resistant to van der Waals force. It is hydrophobic as well as lipophobic. Creep or ‘Cold Flow’ has been observed in X.


X is strong but has a very low density (1% of traditional earth materials.) and hence light weight. It is a recyclable material. The compression behaviour of X is strain rate dependent. Higher strain rates result in higher initial modulus and higher compression strength. It can also withstand unlimited number of cycling loading provided the repetitive loads are kept below 80% of the compressive strength. The internal structure of the material includes air-traps which make it poor heat conductor. X is non- biodegradable and chemically inert in both soil and water. Most acids and their water solutions do not attack it; however strong oxidizing acids do. Solvents which attack X include esters, ketones, ethers, aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons and their emulsions, among others. It does not support bacterial/fungal growth as well .It also has significant acoustic properties and effectively reduces the transmission of airborne sound. X is combustible and should not be exposed to open flame or other ignition sources. Combustion products are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, water and soot. Long-term exposure to sunlight causes yellowing and a slight embrittlement of the surface due to ultraviolet light. X is able to withstand the rigours of temperature cycling, assuring long-term performance.


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