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Aliens Group APPSC AllOther Interview Questions
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The Indian Constitution came into force on (1) November 26, 1949 (2) August 25, 1945 (3) August 15, 1947 (4) January 26, 1950

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1.1 Purpose This tool is also a simple tool, but will be graphics- intensive, and will access the 3 databases (card databases) used in Tarot. 1.2 Scope Only for registered user. 1.3 User Interface - No questions asked, parrot pulls out tarot card - Inside Parrot application, User just have to click on a link saying ""XXXX"" to activate the tool. - Shown is the card of the day, from pack of Tarot cards(78 in number) with fixed graphics, animation, audio. Output: - Graphic-rich display of randomly selected card with detailed meaning, with links to tarot tool. - Graphics: Flying / walking parrot, emerging and choosing a card, displaying the same, and continuing to interact based on card meaning. - The cards also need to carry a brief 1/0 meaning, which will trigger a 1/0 behavior from the parrot (sympathy/making fun/crying or congratulating/smiling/winking)


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