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MAH Interview Questions
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Write a C Program to declare an array for 2 0 floats. Accept the values from the user sort the two arrays in descending order. Merge the two arrays into a new array and display the new array.

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could u send me the model papers available for drug inspector exam.

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Must accepts "Maestro Cards" Tax for bike should be less than 15 Total number of lanes is more than 10 Must provides monthly pass Write a method: boolean isGoodTollBridge(String[] cardsAccepted, String[] tollTax, boolean hasMonthlyPass, int numberOfLanes); String[] cardsAccepted A String array of names of card types accepted for payment of toll tax, it can be null if the toll does not accept any card String[] tollTax A String array of toll tax chart (say “Train : 300”,”BullCart : 10”) boolean hasMonthlyPass This parameter defines whether there is any monthly pass available or not int numberOfLanes This parameter defines the number of lanes for each side


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Hi Samrat, Thank u very much, what u said it is right.


MAH Interview Questions
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