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Eircom Chefs Interview Questions
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i am arun, as of now i am working in a power plant. I did B.E mech and have completed PGDC in thermal power plant engineering from NPTI(NATIONAL POWER TRAINING INSTITUTE). I started my career in software oly , as i dono any software languages i got failed in conformation exam. Pls help me , i want to enter software field. in this powerplant field 6 working days for week and holiday is also not sunday, i am not able 2 tc of my family... pls help me how to enter sf fielf. my frds sujjested me 2 try as functional after 2 years. wats the procedure for that... pls pls help me in this issue I have 1 year exp in power plant, i knew mechanical design software. my id :


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Eircom Chefs Interview Questions
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