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ecmtek H1B Visa Interview Questions
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provide me the employees list?


I was working inthe US on OPT and came to India to have my H1B stamped . I had been for my H1B visa interview last week feb 4th and was asked the following question. 1. What is your latest degree? 2. How many employees are working in your company? Me: around 30 3. Are all of them from India? Me: most of them she issued me 221(g) and asked me for the following documents: 1. Petitioner's Federal income tax return past 3yrs 2. Petitioner's State unemployment wage reports for past 3 years 3.List of petitioner's employees at your job site including names, titles , salaries and immigration status. I was wondering what are they trying to determine by determing how many employees are from India and are there chances of refusal if they find out 10 out of 30 are on H1


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ecmtek H1B Visa Interview Questions
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