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ECL Placement Papers Interview Questions
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HI, I am Praveen Saini having 5 yrs experience in s/w Testing field. I am looking change. I am having QTP 1.5 Yrs. + 3.5 Manual testing. If someone having position, lease let me know. 9811465496


what are the errors faced while bursting the reports and how to solve those errors?


Describe the Virus infection on suspension cultured stem cells ?


what is residuel magnetism. and how order lead acid batteries for 24 volt. emergency lighting system.


Can anyone please send me solution document for US payroll . My mail id is Thanks


How to find the xpath of web table chrome or internet explorer.or without using fire bug.?


Where does the Bayes rule can be used? a) Solving queries b) Increasing complexity c) Decreasing complexity d) Answering probabilistic query


what justifies that you have an aptitude for management educative training?


Write two ways in which computer applications differ from network applications ?


Bearing capacity of soil determined as per ASTM is to design the foundation size.what is the importance of EV1/EV2 value as per DIN .My consultant ask me to test the the soil as per din to find out this ratio to assess the compacted strength of soil ,,?? is it meaning full ??


to minimize budget cost of building , what can i do


PT RTD Range: -200 to 500 degree celsius If I configured in DCS Lower range and Upper range . In face plate it shows red colour due to overa range how was the characteristics look If the temperature is more than operating range. how was the characteristics look . whether its in Resistance vs Temperature curve is Linear or Non linear


can anyone plz send me some solved tickets regarding base customization ,lead mdmt and CIC .plz reply


what is land scape why we are using this ?


what is the different between view and materialized view in oracle DBA?


ECL Placement Papers Interview Questions
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