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Ebix Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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Explain the V-Model?

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please send me interview questions asked in google in testing - manual


Explain overview of SAP CentralProcessScheduling Architecture ?


working of nuclear power plant


being a electrical engineer why do u like to join in our IT company leaving core company?


explain the trasistor sizing procedure for a four inputNOR and four input NAND Gate?


If anybody from banglore having the real time exp in manual testing with 3+ yrs exp and looking for change send your profile to


Please tell what are the tables we can use in FISL and COPA in real time.. Explain clearly?


what is the full rate of cst/vat of building material ?


Suggest me MCQ book for Software testing


I have to write to a outfile where the number of records in that file should be the header of that file using IMS.. can anyone help me in this issue


What are different type of instrument cable


Who advance tax is the asset for company? What are the accounting entries of advance income tax


1. a)in four digit no the fourth number is four time more than the second digit b)in four digit no the third number is three time less than the second number c)in four digit no the first digit is thrice than the fourth digit


how to generate id in testdirector? a) Td id 1 b) td id 2 c) td id 3 d) td id 4 which is correct answer please any one of the tell me and mail me


There is very little time to test due to the development team delay how will you handle this situation?


Ebix Testing AllOther Interview Questions
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