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WhatsApp Interview Questions
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20 apple 1 rupees(indian currency)1 orange 5 rupees and 1 lemon 1 rupee.i wan to buy 100 fruits(above mentioned)for 100 rupees. tell me how much quantity of apple orange and lemon will be buy for 100 rupees. this is serious me plzz????????

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X is a five letter word. if u remove the first letter, it is the name of the country.if u remove first two letters it is opposite to female.... find out 'x' friendzzzzzzzzzz....

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wo kya cheez hai jo saal me 1 baar mahine me 2 baar hafte me 4 baar aur din me 6 baar aati hai

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Solve this: Im a 11 Letter City. Last 6 letter is fruit name. 7,8,3 is a bird name. 6,7,5,3 is a part of a face. 1,8,3 is use 4 student. 9,5,3 is a soap name.

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my 1st friend gave me 1000 and 2nd gave me 500 i have loos 1000 rupees then i purchase some thing with the cost of 300 and gave 100 100 both friends 1st friend remaining 900 and 2nd remaining 400 900+400+300=1600 why

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WhatsApp Interview Questions
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