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DTDC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The Bombay dabbawala have achieved international reputation because of 1 Timely dabba delivery 2 Organised team work 3 Six sigma-based operation 4 Excellence service for the last 50 years and beyond.

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How do you explain the different solvent power of water and other organic solvent?


How do you measure the content of vitamins or iron in a plant ?


How do you ensure that your departments goals are in line with the overall company goals?


i learnt .net and would like to know if there is any institute in hyderabad that gives real time knowledge.i worked on testing and planning to move on to .net putting same amount of experience in .net.kindly suggest me the institute and other details.


The process conditions of the fuel gas are as follows: Temperature = 25 deg C Pressure = 4 bar g Calculate the line size for the fuel gas supply line to the superheater


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i have one customer xyz. and two material with two division. how customr xyz can order from both division at a single sales order. give ur feed back on thanks


Write a Program to accept different goods with the number, price and date of purchase and display them


what r issues faced in gl


how to calculate spacing rod in column


I want to configure the OR and library files to a particular QTP test during run time. Note: OR and Library files are located in Quality Center. Is it possible in QTP? Anybody having code?


Under the provisions of the BST Act, no registered dealer is allowed to collect any amount by way of tax in excess of the amount of tax payable by him. Excess tax collected is to be forfeited to Government. However i want to know whether tax payable amount is the amount before the set off claimed or the tax payable amount after availing the set off.


What is a transparent bridge?


What are the main differences between Loadrunner and QTP tools? Describe briefly a "real world" scenario that would make you use the first one versus the other? Thank you for your answers....


Give an example of VBA?


DTDC General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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