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AIIMS Botany Interview Questions
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What are the Harmful Activities ?

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i want to know that how the height of Ct ,cvt ,LA calculated on the basis of creepage distance


Did you face any problems while creating reports? Name? Solutions?


On Test Complete I recorded some keyword test. while I'm running the batch test, if one test case failed, then how test complete skip the failed test case and again continue to run the test case? please provide some way to resolve this issue.


Can i get answers for telecom testing for eg telecom billing rating can be tested


Why trim span ? How?


Provision for Service tax, Income tax and Sales tax


1.what is controller proportional gain 2.what is the controller intergral action time. 3.A proportional plus derivative controller that has a proportional band of 20% and a derivative action time of 0.1 minutes. Construct the shape of the output waveform for the triangular input if the input rises and falls at the rate of 4 units per minute.


what is the data model and how it is use ?


What type of databases you can access through ADO Data Access Object?


If your boss was present here, what do you think he would say about you?


what is conteolling?


Can anyone give me the url for cognos forum which is similar to for business objects?


we issued the H form for the 1st quarter 2014-15 but in the 2A we posted the wrong TIN no of party and H form is also contains the wrong TIN No.if anybody know the correct procedure for correction of H Form kindly tell us. 


what is difference between budgeting and Forecasting


What process happens behind, when we try to access any page on the internet.


AIIMS Botany Interview Questions
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