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EDF Interview Questions
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What is basic fundamental for choosing NGR or NGT for any generator neutral grounding

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Hello, Using Visual Studio 2005 (VB) I am working to create a Web Site implementing the following: Within a gridView I have placed a dropdownlist control with a DataSourceID="SDSLkupList". SDSLkupList is a sqlDataSource used to store a lookup list for dropdownlist translation from ID to text. SDSLkupList contains the translation text and other fields related to the dropdown selection ID. (Thought it would be efficient to get everything at the same time.) I would like to provide the user the ability to select from the dropdownlist and, based on the selection, use labels to list related columns stored on the SDSLkupList in separate gridView columns. I have read that SqlDataSources are not meant to be used for individual controls. Since SDSLkupList contains all related information, is there a way to do a find using the dropdownlist selectedValue? (I was not able to discover one.) Otherwise, what should I use? It would need to set the labels on the gridView DataRowBound event as well as the SelectedIndexChanged events. Has anyone done this? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance. Neal


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