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CSEB RRB Interview Questions
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where can i get rrb JE(it) of bsc qualification old papers.

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Took goods from the shop for use at home? state whether the following transcation is business transcation or non business transaction? with reason?.


How do we create tasks? What is the difference between task and change request?




I'm working with a crosstab in cognos now. Page 1 contains crosstab Page 2 contains list Fact - Revenue Dimension - Product line, Year If I click on the revenue (cell value) it should goto the particular record in another list which is located in a separate page. However, the fact could not be bookmarked. I don't know why. Do you have suggestions? Thanks in advance.


how will u test the idoc


I need to fetch all rows from the table based one field value in the table and later do a condition check if the condition is true I will have to move all the rows present in the data base to output file one else if the condition is not satisfied then move all the records of that field value into another file .Please let me know how to do that


what are the Differences between Recordset and Resultsets?


What is meaning of out of phase (making & breaking) capacity And how to calculate


5. What is the maximum transmit power of FlexiEdge BTS


how much cost of single coat 20mm thick plastering per sqre meter


How do cryptography-based keys ensure the validity of data transferred across the network?


Hi,I got a call from vssc,kerala for the technical assistant in automobile,would u suggest me how to prepare for this,quickly


How will drive weight formula for circular cylinder steel bar in kg/ m please step by step drive?


how to record the full and final settlement of employee (salary payable,other payable,,....) when he leaves the company ? or how to pass the entry for that ?


while passing a journal entry we rite dr. for the a/c to be debited but why don't we write cr. for the a/c which is credited and instead write 'TO'??


CSEB RRB Interview Questions
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