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Crisil General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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The Indian missile system ?Surya? is supposed to have a firing range of: (A) 3,200 kms (B) 2,500 kms (C) 3,500 kms (D) 4,500 kms

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1. If 8.35%Z means the percentage impedance of 132kV-line from power company, we will like to reconfirm its base capacity.


what is through fault?


what are the factors to be considered while design the breaker either HT or LT??


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What are the basic & Majour problems in UPS ?


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What is the difference between role and position?


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We have purchased some good from our vendor and we asked them to transport the same to some address but they have raised a debit note to us for transportation instead of invoice. Same like we have given some order to manufacture for developing that product they have charged some amount for that also they have raised the debit note. How to account these type of debit notes in tally..?


Please explain me abt PQ diagaram in the power sector.


1) What is meant by C-soil in geotechnical Engineering? 2) What is Eve board? 3) What will happen when heat is applied to cement? 4) what do you understand by the lateral dimention ?


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Crisil General Knowledge_Current Affairs Interview Questions
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