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LLB Interview Questions
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Who among the following was the Constitutional adviser to the Constituent Assembly of India? (a) M. C. Setalvad (b) K. M. Munshi (c) Jawaharlal Nehru (d) B. N. Rau

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The election to the office of the President is conducted by the (a) Chairman of Rajya Sabha (b) Speaker of the Lok Sabha (c) Election Commission (d) None of these

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Our Parliamentary system is based on (a) Proportional representation (b) Male franchise (c) Universal adult franchise (d) Male, female and child franchise

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. The abolition of the I.A.S and the I.P.S has been recommended by the (a) Dhebar Commission (b) Kalekar Commission (c) Kher Commission (d) Rajamannar Commission

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The measurement of poverty line is based on the criteria of 1 Dwelling houses 2 Caloric consumption 3 The nature of employment 4 The level of education

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What are carvings in Ajanta Caves? a.Mahabarath b.Ramayana c.Jataka Tales d.Upanishads

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LLB full form is bachelor of law, then for what another 'L' stands for?

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