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CompuTech SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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how to get the third quarter of employee details from emp?

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Do you know SQL? I know SQL but i don't have any experience...that's it..No more questions ...simply he said " you can leave for the day" ...guys prepare SQL Quires before attending interview in bank of america...


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I have some real time based question.. 1.what are the challenges you have faced in your current project. 2.what are the bugs you found in your current project. 3.what are the strategies you follow to convert manual test cases into automation test cases. QTP identify two different browsers. 5. When you create a function library and share object repository what are the problems you have faced 6. How to solve the tool tip problem 7.what are the interesting bug you have found in your current project. 8.what is your daily work as a automation test engg. 9. how to create a weekly status report. 10. how many test cases you write,review and execute per day. 11.what are the uses of SQL in automation. 12.How to retrieve the data in html through vb script. 13.If application is very slow how to test the application in qtp.


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CompuTech SQL PLSQL Interview Questions
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