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  • Colgate interview questions (12)

Colgate ATL Interview Questions
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how do you like to go up in a swing

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how to assign the cost center to GL Account in SAP (FICO)


what is the defination of Change Control given in various guidelines?


Write a program using call by refernce for two different classes to explain to print whether a given number is automorphic or not.


VLAN tagging/un-tagging process –where and when it happens?


How would you finalize the number of resources/testers needed for the testing in the estimation ?


How to Save a Query?


please inform me , how to make employee ladger account of salary...please inform me with entry..e.g if we give 14000 salary, as structure we put it half amount in advance and half is salary so in this case how to make entry in employee ledger account...please inform me...both things..Thank You.


how can i pass a "cript"as a parameter in to a function


what is punching force required for embossing of depth 3.5mm and diameter 58mm


Why do you want to become a Quality Analysist and what will be your profile in this position?


Hello sap tech gurus, please see if you can answer my questons with real life expreiences. 1. Explain me your expreience in customizing with Intercompany Billing? 2. give an example of unit testing and integration testing you have performed in your expreience? 3. While working with Copy control functionality, what exactly did you do within data transfer routines? Please answer any question or all questions possible. Thank you veryyy much in advance!!!. my email is


what will be the effect if you were using different brands of outlets?


What is Reduced List of Values?


What is the syllabus for NIC exam ?


is LE module is better than SD module to get a job in SAP? becouse i think sd consultant are more than LE is it?


Colgate ATL Interview Questions
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